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Jennifer Tavana has been passionate about her endeavors and has a wide background in helping people.  She worked as a certified preschool teacher for over 7 years, owned and operated a preschool as well as ran a Summer Camp Latch Key program where she helped children and their families have a more balanced, nurturing relationship.

Jennifer has also studied human psychology and spirituality for over ten years on her own and is considered to be by many a personal development specialist.

She has worked as a hypnotherapist for over 6 years and has clients that span the U.S.  She has helped people create change by releasing blocks, limiting perceptions and beliefs by the use of hypnosis, soul-balancing and readings to increase self-awareness.  Her gift as a spiritual channel has also guided people to becoming more self-empowered and to take charge of their lives in a very self-loving and productive fashion.

Jennifer has made it a priority to assist people in discovering their personal power on an individual and confidential basis.  She has a wide variety of resources that she also recommends to her clients to help them on their personal journey, and uses her profession to help generate awareness of individual choices and responsibility that effects societal structures.  It is Jennifer’s belief that every person contributes to the overall state of the world, and that in order to change the state of the world, change must begin within each individual coming to love and understand themselves.

Jennifer inspired the annual “Share the Love” day at the Higher Self Bookstore in Traverse City, Michigan which benefits community members and local food pantries, as well as facilitated free clinics, classes and lectures on topics that include:  Enhancing the Parent/Child Relationship, Effective Communication, Self-hypnosis, Relationship Fulfillment and Understanding Your Intuition.

Jennifer is available for private individual sessions over the phone and locally in S.E. Michigan for group sessions and parties. 

Please see the service page for more information on specific services.

You can also email Jennifer at  inawakenings@aol.com or call 586-255-6685 for more information.


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I have worked with Jennifer for over two years. Before I met Jennifer I was struggling in many aspects of my life from relationships, and repeating patterns to finances. Most people might think that not all things in your life can be tied together like relationships and finances. I am here to tell you that they are, and working with Jennifer one on one as well as using the tools and information she has put together will help you unravel things that might seem to be helpless. I now live a life that is so much more joyfull and balanced. This has been and continues to be an amazing experience.

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