Without A Purpose

Many people have come to me to help them discover their hidden purpose in life, and most of the time, they have been directed to just follow their desires.  I often wondered what it would be like to not have a purpose though, because I was always driven to help people understand themselves, release conflicts and blocks and so forth.  I guess one of the benefits to having a purpose is that sense of direction…but isn’t it really just a sense of “this is right…this is what I am supposed to do?”  And with that, couldn’t it also be said that having a purpose fulfills some need?  Maybe its a need to know, a need to be important, a need to belong or even a need to avoid directing our own lives because if we are following our purpose, we wouldn’t really have to think outside of that too much.  It kind of reminds me of “bumper bowling” LOL (which I am very good at, by the way!)

Well, I can truly say that I have mastered many things that I have set out to master.  Some of that includes:

  • Dissected consciousness
  • Dissected life after death
  • Dissected emotions, thought patterns and beliefs
  • Dissected what intentions are and where they come from
  • Dissected illness and dis-ease from the psychological perspective
  • Dissected human behavior, relationships and child development
  • Dissected “God” and the laws of creation
  • Dissected fear as well as love

So, when I say “dissected”, that is what I mean because the word “explored” implies (to me anyway) glancing at.  I really hadn’t glanced at anything because my “need to know” as well as my “knowledge is power” and “need to help others” (among many others) drove me to constantly ask “How, what, when…” yadda yadda.

And with all of the searching, testing, trying and changing, suddenly I find myself bare.  I now find myself looking at my life up until about a month ago in awe.  “Where did I go?  Where did the ’me’ go that used to be so driven, almost obsessively, to be productive, helpful and directed?  Is that ‘me’ gone?”  I’ve been waiting for her return, to no avail…so now what?

“You are healed” says God.  My response is still, “Well, now what?”  LOL

I’m not sure what comes next after dissolving purpose, but I can say that even though it is unfamilar territory and at times frightens me a bit, I am relieved to finally have space between my thoughts and peace within my feelings.  And the inner ‘me’ keeps whispering, “follow my lead…be inspired!” A friend once asked me, “What would you want to do if everyone on the planet were healed, complete and whole?” I couldn’t answer.  But I didn’t care that I didn’t have an answer because the odds of the planet being healed, to me, was unlikely to happen in my lifetime.  But now I am see that the planet does not need healing and that people are whole and complete and that all choices are honored because life is a “playground” for consciousness!  Because I have “healed” me (changed my perception), I can see this!  What do I desire now?  I’ll let you know when I become inspired to…


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  1. I just wanted to say that the truth is still way different then I anticipated. Yet somehow, I find it be to be better then that anticipation.

  2. Carol Schulte says:

    Jennifer, you never cease to amaze me.

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